Does Creativity Alone Sell Brands?

Does Creativity Alone Sell Brands?

Ad is the outcome of creativity and ideas and nowadays creativity is overcrowded. Everyone around is creative in their own way, even a kid is pro at Photoshop and he too has his own creativity. Nothing is efficient as Creative ads, but does creativity alone sell brands? Does it increase sales?


Advertising is an art without doubt, with creativeness that entertains, it’s lasting and memorable, making themselves imprinted on a consumer. Creative ad can foster positive attitude towards a product, but creativity alone can’t influence consumer’s purchase behaviour.


                                                     “Creative without strategy is called Art &

                                                      Creative with strategy is called Advertising”

                                                                       -Prof Jef. I.Richards


Yes! ‘Creativity with strategy is advertising”, a strategy that triggers an action. An advert is like a painting showcased in a gallery, one can view and attain aesthetic pleasure but after reviewing one should go for a purchase instead of heading home. It is simple as that, an action should be the outcome of an advert.


Overall creative ads are effective, but a company should focus on certain dimensions, it can be geographic or demographic according to what you brand. Cultural preferences does matter in Indian market, so basically an ad should cover all these dimensions without losing its artistic value.Artistic value is inevitable for aesthetic appeal, verbally and visually. Make it simple and to the point without pointless elaboration. In conclusion advertising is persuasion and in order to persuade consumer to an action an ad should have strategy to increase sales and creativity to gain attention and reach.