Slacktivism – Fake Activism??

Slacktivism – Fake Activism??

Slacktivism, self-deluded idea that by liking, sharing and retweeting something you are helping out (urban dictionary).


I have seen many of my friends liking, sharing Facebook posts and status thinking that it would help someone out there whose in need, REALLY? Sharing trending hashtags and making two colours as your profile picture doesn’t make any difference, it didn’t ended homophobia or never stopped sexual abuse.Social Medias are flooded with slacktivism campaigns and we make our part by liking and sharing, is it enough or is it a lazy excuse for our lack of participation?


We are not against likes and shares but don’t just limit your power of humanity to just a button. Humanity is been manipulated and our emotions are exploited, Slacktivist campaigns are been degraded to just a strategy to increase number page followers and post likes and being viral. Virtual likes isn’t enough to deplete poverty, sexual abuse or war! Post sharing and retweeting is not enough to uplift women or bring equality. Some can help by donating money others can’t afford that, sometimes lending a helping hand is all you need to do.


‘Like this post and nothing will happen’ campaign by UNICEF is indeed an eye-opener to many who thought that they made a change.Writing content on social media and sharing is bare minimum of your real potential, we all are more than that ‘Stop liking and Start giving’ your hand! If you want to make a change, activism on social media is not what you’re looking for…Go real…Volunteer campaigns!


Stay awake to FAKE!!!