Bare Breast Woman on Cover Page !

Bare Breast Woman on Cover Page !

Breast feeding woman on the cover page of a famous Malayalam magazine have recently sparkled some flare everywhere. It was criticised, praised and even someone have filed a case against the model and the authority. What is all the fuss about?


The campaign featuring fair looking ‘unmarried’ model with vermillion on her forehead and thali or mangalsuthra around her neck, wearing a saree showing her bare breast and looking squarely to the camera with a child who is unaware of all the drama going around him and sleeping peacefully at her lap is definitely not the ‘ Motherhood’ we are familiar with. The magazine campaign ‘Breastfeed Freely’ is a part of International Women’s Day. Do you think they really showed justice to the campaign?


The campaign was inspired by a Facebook post featuring important tips on breast feeding, where husband shares his wife’s photo, where she is breastfeeding their 9 day old baby. This suddenly got viral and later the magazine got along with it and later used it for their campaign.


Tagline of the campaign itself stated that, Mothers of Kerala tell ‘Don’t stare, we need to breast feed’… and the image where it was written received many negative comments stating that the image expressed ‘come hither’ rather than emotion of a mother. Yes, no mother would stare at a camera with her makeup on, without even looking at her own child. If their intention was to break the taboo of breast feeding in public they should have featured it with a real mother with her baby by capturing the real essence of motherhood, the real emotion which was lacking all through. But what are the chances of an ordinary woman to permit herself to be exposed in a popular magazine’s cover page, chances are less don’t you think? This might have been the reason for opting a model instead of a real mother.


The campaign was certainly not a feminist call nor did they celebrated womanhood, the real intention behind the campaign might have been just to increase their sales by objectifying the very body part of a woman they are asking ‘not to stare’. Moreover what change this campaign has bought to the so called ‘men ruling patriarchal society ‘with all its suffocating conventions? Nothing other than creating a storm all over social medias, hot debates, controversies, publicity and what not!


Did they only took up the most sensitive issue of a woman as their marketing strategy? If it was portrayed appropriately, it would have been the boldest media women movement in history. But nothing matters at last and there are many who praise the campaign and the model, whom they believe that they took a big step in breaking chains and there are many who questions its morality. Well we are not focused here on moral policing nor to criticise.And if they intend to 'seed the change', then let us hope it germinate, regenerate and grow to the fullest.