Brand Wars: When war meet creativity

Brand Wars: When war meet creativity


War is everywhere, between nations, between people and what about the war between brands, obvious is it? For viewers, the brand wars are a visual treat indeed, it makes us wonder how creativity comes up in a war, brilliantly.


In this competitive marketing world, even battle can be marketed. Comparative advertising or ambush marketing is the effectual tool in brand wars. Comparative advertising or ambush marketing is an advertising strategy in which a particular product or service specifically mentions its competitor name and claims superiority over it.  


Such brand wars are not new in the ad industry, the war between soft drinks giants Pepsi and Coco-Cola, Burger King vs McDonald's, Samsung vs Micromax, Microsoft vs Apple and the most recent war between digital kings, Google vs Facebook ad campaigns stirred debates indeed.


And the brand war is wide across all platforms from print media to TVC’s, it’s full on and for people, this is something new, entertaining and exciting at the same time. Many have opposing opinions as it would affect market stability but on the other hand, for ad guys, they find it cheeky with the creative flexibility it offers, it opens up a wide space to show-off their abilities.


Nevertheless, ambush marketing with its witty jokes and crafty references offers something cleverer, funnier and memorable. And the question remains, does it affect consumer purchasing behavior?