Minimalist Advertising: Where “Less is More”

Minimalist Advertising: Where “Less is More”


Less is more, is the new mantra in advertising, the simpler, the more creative. Stuffing large texts, offers, sentence to sentence filling every inch of the posters are way old fashioned.  Time has come to “Keep it simple”.


Simple visual, simple message, simple concept that conveys what your service and brand are" all about" is “Cool”, isn’t it? It may sound simple but getting this to work is definitely not that “simple”.


Make people smile, with a single image and a catchy tagline, make people notice your ad and if it helps them put on a smile on their face, then yes your ad is fruitful.


KFC is a huge fan of minimalist ads and it was “eye locking good”.   McDonald’s, BMW, Jeep are other huge brands who hails minimalism in their campaigns.


Creative simple ads can convey the strongest message, say bye-bye to heavy text advertising.