When endorser takes down the brand

When endorser takes down the brand

Nickyanka wedding, a few days back in Dec 1st got all eyes focused on it, unlike all other celebrity duo weddings, this time it was bursting with controversies.


Few days before Diwali, Priyanka was featured in a Cipla ad, where she promoted “Crackers free Diwali” and urged everyone to stay away from crackers this Diwali and make asthma affected people like her breath without pain. Our desi girl was highly applauded for her gesture, but not for long as just after the wedding, a three minutes show of bursting firecrackers took place at the palace, things took the worst turn.


The netizens out lashed at her on socials, referring her as ‘hypocrite’, questioning her morality. By bursting crackers at her wedding, her own slogan was brought down, and of course, Cipla is at stake following her actions.


It was on last September, Priyanka partnered with Cipla Respiratory to created awareness about Asthma and break the stigma on the asthmatic treatments. A shot CSR video was launched, where she explains how, as an asthmatic patient she survived and succeeded forward with her dreams, this video got viral within minutes, but unfortunately this was overwritten by the troll videos she received just after the wedding.  


Brand endorsement is always a risky business, an endorser should have certain obligations towards his/her brand and its service. One wrong step taken can bring down the whole public image and reputation of the brand making people mock about the whole campaign. We’re not here to question or blame anyone, still, endorsement takes certain responsibilities which should be taken care of. And the brands should be more focused who they’re partnering with, and monitor their public behavior.