Consumer Protection Bill 2018: Consumer rules

Consumer Protection Bill 2018: Consumer rules


The Consumer Protection Bill 2018 passed by Lok Sabha, a law to brace consumer rights to address all the existing rows of consumers formed much chaos. Customer is the king, it is proven once again as the very latest “Consumer Protection Bill” gives more power to the consumers, from now on the complaint raised by a consumer will be taken in separate three levels – district, state and national.


Manufacturer’s , producers, sellers are equally accountable ,if there are any injury or death caused by their product , also improper labelling and defects in manufacturing will be closely monitored.

E-commerce firms also need to be acted under the law, this makes them label as service provider thus increasing their liability. Now here comes the final crack, endorsers or any renowned celebrity influencing people through false advertisements will be harshly fined.


As we can see, the latest law gives out consumer’s complete power, taking closer look at every consumer complaints. This leaves a loop-hole, every complaints cannot be genuine, right? But this scenario is also taken care of, as the new bill proposes to crack down any fake consumer complaints and accused will be applicable of Rs. 10,000 to Rs.50, 000 fine.


This new bill was much needed, an advertisement exposed to a community have some responsibilities towards its audience and the endorser, who’s giving out their words on the product are equally liable. Let’s hope the new bill is gonna bring some change in the coming “NEW YEAR”.