Thoppil Ajayan- Master behind“Perumthachan”

Thoppil Ajayan- Master behind“Perumthachan”

Ajayan, aka Thoppil Ajayan, son of playwright and director Thoppil Bhasi. This man behind one of the classic movie“Perumthachan”is no more, and how many of us are aware that this director existed in our own Malayalam film industry for  all these years?


In the junk of all overrated film directors flooding the industry, where was this man behind the critically acclaimed movie with artistic value featuring great legends of mollywood like Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu and many others?


 After his debut film, it is said that he tried to carry on with other projects but unfortunately (for us) couldn’t succeed with it. Through working with his father, Thoppil Bhasi , he entered the industry. Later he assisted directors Padmarajan and Bharathan.


Perumthachan, a story of a rebellious son and his carpenter father released in 1990, his one and only feature film  gave him fame and numerous awards. He was awarded with Indira Gandhi Award for Best Film of a Director, Kerala State Award for Best Debut Director, and Kerala State Award for Best Popular Film in 1990. Amazingly the film was even nominated for Locarno International Film Festival in 1992.


It is dismaying that we are not lucky enough to watch more of his talents, his movies and find it upsetting that many of us were not even aware of his existence. He was not celebrated in socials, he didn’t received any gigantic applause, and he didn’t had any blogging sites and social accounts to make himself impose on others but he did exist and will remain the same on many minds who still reminiscence through the kaleidoscope of visuals in classic “Perumthachan”.