Vulgarity & Obscenity in Advertising

Vulgarity & Obscenity in Advertising


Indecent, vulgar and obscene are such words used to criticize advertisements that took a refreshing path. But it is not the ideal route to make brand awareness either.


Many print ads and television commercials have been courted for controversies. Idea 4G (2011), Wild Stone Deo(2007), Amul Macho(2007) and the list goes on. The most striking print ad which plunged into controversy is of Manforce Condom ad where Sunny Leone sells condom during Navaratri, receiving uproars at great impact.


Offensive advertisements can bring in mass audience attraction, but sometimes it can also get backfired and push the ad into getting banned. Content is what matters, after all, then why can’t it be wrapped with little naughty dialogue and scenes? But it should be presented without moral degradation or let’s just simply say that it should be watchable sitting with family without feeling awkward.


Contents with “so-called” vulgarity and obscenity might attract viewers at the same time it might cause repercussions between existing consumers of that product or service.


Vulgarity and advertisement share a narrow line, one need to take close look at it before creating and airing it out to the public.