Festive Ads : Marketing takes festive mode

Festive Ads : Marketing takes festive mode

Festivals, this word itself makes us exciting. We Indians love to celebrate everything, that tpp celebrating with fire crackers polluting mother earth, plucking flowers from its plants just to scramble it on the floor and smashing colours into each others face!!! Okay am going to stop right there without spoiling the spirit of celebration.After all we all are humans with certain beliefs and traditions and special occasions are to be celebrated wholeheartedly. 


This is where advertisers pulls the thread, festivals based or occasion based advertisement are commonplace nowadays.Brands and agencies feels the pressure to deliver occasion based ads on time. There's immerse pressure for the brand to make their ads are visible in midst of huge muddle of ad films.


This year two ads of such won mass attention (Facing controversy,obviously) Kumbh Mela true story by Brooke Bond, Apno Ko Apnao and Surf Excel's Holi campaign "Rang Laaye Sang".


Brooke Bond.Apno Ko Apnao Campaign depicting a man abandoning his father in Kumbh Mela,later realising his mistake,son finds him back and share a tea moment with him. The brand is currently struggling in middle of appraisal, stating that the ad has dishonoured Hindu tradition.


Surf Excel ad is not different as it has also received huge backlash all over.The ad depicts story of two kids, where a cute girl chooses to get stained i Holi colours to help her little friend and ends with a happy note "Rang Laaye Sang",Let the colour bring us together - promoting Hindu- Muslim Unity.


However the brands will still continue to bring out more of such ads, to fullfill their marketing goals even it gets boomeranged. Eventhough festive ads is tricky giving last minute pressure, still brands consider it as more effective way to bring in consumer action.