YouTube: Trending Tool in Digital Marketing

YouTube: Trending Tool in Digital Marketing


YouTube has completed ten years in India, and is considered as the fastest growing digital platform globally. As per the survey Google’s own video platform has covered 80% of total internet users in India alone.


According to Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer at YouTube, there are more than 300 channels with over a million subscribers in YouTube ,which shows the increase of regular viewers under the platform.


With its increased viewership, growing base and popularity, YouTube has become powerful platform for viewers and creators, it is the best platform for advertising, as well as for showcasing one’s own video contents.


YouTube is an effective digital marketing tool indeed due to its advantages like;


Wide audience reach

Audience range is much higher as the content may spread across all over the web reaching not only local audience but audience from all over the World making your business visible worldwide.


Cost effective

Creating videos on YouTube is much more efficient and budget friendly compared to other digital platforms.


Get Viral

Let it be marvel anthem or winking girl, YouTube with its global mass audience has the power to make your content go viral.


Dance tutorials, movie reviews, tech updates, short films, web series and what not…all of such contents are #trending on YouTube. So why wait, start your channel and start YouTubing.