About Us

It was not an apple...!

A Peraka (guava) once fell from its tree. Instead of thinking about why it didn’t go up, I was perceiving its rolling of freedom on the ground. Woods were rolling drums with its murmur. Suddenly the pain of leaving its family made peraka static and silent. Music change.. wind was playing pathos then.

Years later I realized why Sir Newton is Newton :)                                                                                                                                             And why we are into films.

Emcy Jozef, Director.


Peraka Media is a young and dynamic creative agency. We have a way of working, strategically and creatively, that is less complicated, more enjoyable and ultimately more effective. We provide the best and affordable marketing solutions so that you can leave an impression in the targeted people’s mind. Our fruitful ideas are deeply significant, changing and dynamic in nature.

We believe, Price is no longer the king. If it ever was value no longer rules and if it ever did, then quality of service and product is not the deciding factor.

Research, thought process, scripting, storyboard, casting, all lights, camera rolling, action, release, posting, likes, apps… for us advertising does not end here. But it continues and ends with a happy season… Reaping.

The Fruits:

The world is talking about the brand.
The world is aware about the product of the brand.
Talk and awareness convert into sale.




             Kerala Ecotourism
             Kitex Group
             Eastern Condiments
             HBC Paints
             Arabian Gold
             Dumax Lubricants
             Pazpot electronics
             Flowers Channel
             Defab Clothings
             Olive Builders
             Jeevan TV


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