Animation Ads During the Time of Corona

Corona Restrictions!! What is Next for Content Marketing??

Ever since COVID-19 has put the world at a stand-still, limiting interactions and restricting people to work from the comforts of their homes, advertisement agencies, like any other service provider, have found it difficult to implement their ideas into fruition fully. Additional restrictions surrounding shooting advertisements and feature films lead us to ask the question – what next for creative agencies? One of the finest qualities that a creative agency should possess is to adapt and improvise. It is, therefore, time to look at animation, a widely underestimated tool for B2C and B2B marketing to engage and communicate ideas in a simpler fashion to the audience. 

What is Animation??

Animation is a powerful visual storytelling medium with immense potential in the content marketing scene. Their simple nature and eye-catching ability help in drawing viewer attention and eliminating extra costs. During the pandemic, more and more brands have been observed to rely heavily on animated creatives to advertise their brands and increase engagement. Animation is an essential tool as it helps the brand communicate its ideas in a brief and organised fashion. The use of animated advertisements also expands the scope of the intended audience by connecting with young children. UNICEF’s Lara and Friends’ Covid-19 Adventure is one such example of an animated awareness advertisement that helps the younger generation better understand the changing times. 

Complex to Simple Made Easy

Animation is a beautiful format that helps make the process of storytelling easier, portraying complex ideas in a simplified, engaging, and visually appealing manner. There are multiple variations within the animation industry, with 2D, 3D, stop motion, and mixed media projects that cater to companies’ changing needs. Animation, therefore, acts as a flexible medium capable of executing concepts into perfection while simultaneously satisfying the marketing needs. 

cuting concepts into perfection while simultaneously satisfying the marketing needs. 

It is vital to understand that brands have no limitations in trying out animated creatives to boost their digital marketing strategy. All brands, irrespective of their field, can tap into the limitless potential of animation and reap benefits. Brands that haven’t found the need to animate their advertisements would be surprised at the results and how well the format can function for their business. It is also important to contact the right creative agency so that there is transparency regarding the message and concepts meant to reach the audience.