Unsung Pandemic Heroes

You step out of the office space, vacate your hostel, and bid farewell to your colleagues earnestly, looking forward to a two-week vacation in mid-March 2020. You feel anxious upon boarding the bus, seeing gloomy faces covered by masks. You open the gates to your home to see your pet happily run towards you. Their eyes filled with joy and hope makes you forget the outside world. You pick them up, give a kiss and playfully take them inside, where they spend the night circling your legs waiting for treats and goodies. 

“Love in the time of corona”

The two-week hiatus has now extended to a yearlong break, away from friends and loved ones. We, as an entire nation, has suffered losses, both mental and physical. Some of us have lost our jobs. Some of us have had to say painful goodbyes to our loved ones while we resort to laptop screens and mobile phones to carry on with our lives. Just as about when you lose all remaining hope, you feel the soft fur brushing against your legs. You lose yourself staring inside their deep glittering eyes, find yourself smiling as they help restore HOPE. Pets are, without a doubt, the most underappreciated and unsung heroes during the pandemic. Probably the only species that have found some good coming out of quarantine as they can spend more time with you. They have been good friends who have helped alleviate your sorrows and served as a support system. They have helped maintain your sanity and provide emotional support. They have inspired us to find happiness at the very minimum, acting as beacons of hope for a better tomorrow.