we are.

It was not an apple…!
A Peraka (guava) once fell from its tree. Instead of thinking, why didn’t it go up? I was perceiving its rolling, it’s euphoric sense of freedom on the ground. The sound of the woods transformed into drum rolls. Suddenly the pain of leaving its family made the “peraka” static and silent. Music change… wind was playing pathos then.Years later I realized why Sir Newton is Newton. And why we are into films – Emcy Joseph, Director

In the ever-evolving world of creative advertising, a brand needs a way to distinguish themselves in the global market. They need a great trustworthy story to build a long-term relationship with the consumer, this is where we come in. We tell better stories evolved from creative – impactful ideas establishing the brand identity, credibility and loyalty to the consumer effectively. Newness is our passion and we reinvent ourselves every day to create the ideas of NOW. Peraka Media has created some memorable contemporary commercials. We have a creative room with marketing experts, artistic minds and digital marketing strategists who constantly research, develop and analyze the changing business culture as well as ad films. Thus, finding ways to enhance the brand and engage the consumers.